Up Just a Little Bit...

It is a perspective that we just don't often get to experience...and you really don't have to go very high. In fact I prefer to stay relatively close and connected with the subject matter. Most of my aerial landscape fine art photography is from 150-250 feet in the air. It brings a new, exciting element into my photography that I can show and share with others.

Surf Series

What's the Big Secret?

Well it's not really a secret, but the simple expanation is....I lift the camera with a kite. The more complicated explanation is....I lift the camera with a kite and walk it around with absolutely no idea as to what the camera is seeing. This is by intention...I don't need to know what's going on. It is a demonstration of letting go of control, or having faith. The only guidance I give the camera is to keep it from blowing away, sometimes altering its height, and positioning it by walking the kite around. That's it... that's all that needs to be done.

So there you have it. I hope that I've helped in describing what it is I do, and maybe even answered the question why. That is, if anyone was curious. You will find many examples of aerial landscape photography in my galleries.

All of my photographs are for sale as fine art, can be licensed for commercial use, and intended to be enjoyed by all.

Most importantly, to all who have purchased my artwork in the past, planning to purchase my artwork in the future, or just enjoying it at the moment, I say thank you....for without all of you out there in the world, there would be no one to share my artwork with. Please enjoy!!!

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